Netgear DM-200 VDSL Modem


Netgear DM-200 Netgear DM 200


The device is running a Linux kernel V 3.10.12, Bootloader is U-Boot.

Serial console

The connector for the serial console is labeled "JP2" (near the serial flash)
Settings are 115200 Baud, 8N1, Xon/Xoff
Pin 4 = GND, 3=RxD, 2=TxD, 1=? (pin 1 not tested yet, I assume Vcc, but not needed)
WARNING: signal level is 3.3 volt!


Debugging information can be accessed via On this page, you can also enable a telnet server.


The OS appears to be based on OpenWRT anyway, also see

Power consumption

I measured about 350 mA on the DC side (which makes about 4.2 Watt), no big difference whether ethernet plugged in or not, and also no big difference whether DSL synced or not. I have to admit, that my multimeter is NOT true-RMS, so it might not be that accurate (and it's the reason I measured the DC side). My old swisscom router consumes about 410 mA.