Motorola 68HC11


My 68HC11 development board My 68HC11 development board

The Motorola 68HC11 had been my first attempt on microcontrollers somewhere about 1990. I learned a lot, but the fact that I had to boot to DOS every time I wanted to program the 68HC11 was really annoying.
Later, I hacked up my own loader for Linux, but still had to either use precompiled s19 files or compile things by hand (meaning, translate assembler to opcode using paper, pencil and an opcode table) or boot DOS
Some more years later, I discovered that there was a version of the Motorola freeware assembler as11 for Linux. It was... well... strange... and I improved a few things (made it accept arguments the "normal" way, implemented include files, ...).

But to debug programs with PCBUG11, I still had to reboot to DOS and I could not find any replacement for it under Linux, so I cancelled new projects with the 68HC11.

Most of the code I wrote seems to be lost (I am not sure, because most of it is "stored" on paper) - some pieces of example code can be found in my collection of assembler code snippets.

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