Fast USBasp clone

My Fast USBasp Clone My FastUSBasp Clone

My preferred programmer. It just works without problems and even very fast (writing 32 KiBytes in a little more than 6 seconds). It's default SCK clock is so fast that many of my AVRs can't handle it, therefore I have to use the -B 2 option.

avrdude -c usbasp-clone -B 2 -p m328p -U hfuse:w:0xde:m


PB13 (26)SCK
PB14 (27)MISO
PB15 (28)MOSI

AVR ISP Pinout

On my FastUSBasp clone, I am using the 6 pin variant.

AVR ISP Pinout

Flashing the Firmware

I am using the firmware from here but made some modifications: The original has the PGM LED connected to PC13, but that pin is unsuitable for driving LED (refer to datasheet) so I changed it to PB10.

Attention, the compiled binary is in the src/ directory, NOT in the firmware directory.

st-flash write fastusbasp.bin 0x08000000